Multiple levels; either set to only one at a time or prioritize rule sets?


Right now on my site it's necessary that users default to a 'free subscription' subscription. This works just fine. When they upgrade, however, they're left with two subscriptions (and two levels because of it). This is also just fine so long as all if the rules set by the second, 'premium subscription' subscription are followed. This isn't the case however in one particular case:

I have a tag called 'premium' that is set to visible by default. This can't change. However, the free user level (under the free subscription) sets the tag as a negative rule so that it's hidden. The premium level (under the premium subscription) sets it as a positive rule. When a user has both levels, it's set to negative, and premium users cannot see [premium] wrapped content as they should be able to.

Again I realize a simple fix seems defaulting the tag to hidden, but it isn't an option for a number of reasons, I've put the thought in there.

So where I'm left as I see it is with two options: either allow one level to override the rules set by the other (premium should override free), or automatically remove any other existing subscriptions when a new one is added.

I'd appreciate your input on this!

Cheers, and thanks for your time.