Multiple levels of tags and categories


We are using the directory plugin for a fairly typical directory, using the categories for location (which it is well suited for, being hierarchical) and the tags for listing features.

The issue that we are having is that it seems to only allow one single filter at a time, for example if we are in a particular category and click on a tag for a listing, it then shows every listing for all categories with that tag, not just the listings within that category (location) which have that tag.

Additionally, the plugin seems limited to showing one tag attribute at a time. For example if we have listings tagged 'A' and 'B', with some tagged with both, there is no way to filter by A AND B, or by A OR B. Wordpress seems to be able to do this for its native tags by using the format /tags/A+B, but this does not work the same with the directory plugin.

Any help with either of these would be much appreciated.