Multiple Login Redirects When Paying For Pro-Site


When new sites are created using Pro Sites, and the user tries to pay and activate their sites, they are being re-directed through several login screens. They have to login 3 different time before getting to the actual payment page.

I have made a video of my attempts. Is there a place for me to upload this so you can see for yourself the process? Here is a description:

1. User tries to login. Test account
Username = newtest2
Password = f1tn355
2. They are redirected here:
3. They login again
4. They get redirected here:
5. They Login again
6. They get redirected here: where they are told they don't have access. If they click on Visit Dashboard, they are FINALLY redirect back here: where they can select their payment plan.

Seems like a bit too may logins to me.