multiple mu installs using one database.

I was wondering what you guys thought of the idea of setting up several wordpress mu/buddypress sites with a shared database. Essentially Im trying to create several mu installs that can function as entry portals to one shared pool of users and blogs. I've been reading about some of the options but am not particularly clear as to the direction to take. I understand that to avoid blog id overlaps/conflicts usernames registered at one mu install would also register at all installs due to the shared database. this is fine, avoiding obsticals is good.. basicly, is their anyway for several wordpress mu installs to share a database? or a better way to accomplish several entry portals to one wordpress mu install?

  • drmike
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    Bad idea. Not the general idea but the sharing of a single database. You run into the problems that multidb is supposed to solve: the number of files within a directory that mysql would have to create.

    Although folks do do it that way. At the very least, look into running not a single database but the 4096 that mutlidb would let you.

    What maybe a better idea would be a shared user database table. That's off the top of my head though. Haven't tried it.

  • mirozake
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    I was planning on using the multi-db plugin you folks offer to split up the database anyway before eundertaking this endeavour..

    I was hoping that multi-site manager plugin would function as the entry portals I described, but there really is poor documentation surrounding it.

    I geuss, I'll just have to install it, to see how it really works...

    Thanks guys! I'll follow this thread up in a day or so, when I've sorted this out.

  • mirozake
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    I have another question along this line.. Im about to install the multi-site plugin.

    just to check if this is correct..
    I register another domain with godaddy, now i will point the dns to my hosting accounts private server that has my original mu install domain. I could simply cut/paste the dns records from the one to the other, right?
    then I add the domain to my control panel and add a hosting package for the domain next to my original install domain.
    then I set up wildcard dns and serveralias entry for this new domain, and I add the domain through the multi site plugin manager and create a top level blog for that new domain.. is that right?

    Im just hoping for a little clarity on this before I attempt it on a live site, and a little assurance I have it all right..
    Thanks for taking the time,

  • mirozake
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    I've been doing reading since I posted last which has only served to confuse me..

    I've been reading people mentioning the 2nd domain as a parked domain, not a hosted domain. This thread in particular has several mentions of parked domains...

    not sure now, as the directions are pretty unclear.. just want to be absolutly clear on this before I proceed.
    and thanks again for your time, and quick replies.

  • mirozake
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    so the guy in the thread mentions "then park these domains (in my case using WHM) on to the top level domain/account that's already linked up to Wordpress MU. "

    how do i "park" a domain "on to" my original mu install? what does this mean? I see nothing of the sort when editing the parked options of my domain...

  • Michaela Conley
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    ok... I'm assuming you have full root access to the server here? But you should be able to fiddle with the apache hosts file. If you can, find the one for the domain and make sure the document root is the same as the current install. That's what i would do because I don't use WHM/Cpanel

  • drmike
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    What are you using to manage the server? Direct Admin? CPanel/WHM? Ensim? If we know that, one of us can point you in the right direction for doing a parked domain.

    You actually park the domain with the server. When you do that, you tell it to redirect to a specific hosting account on your server. Once the request makes it to that account, mu takes it from there.

  • mirozake
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    Well, this is through my job, and they use Dreamhost which uses a custom control panel. pretty unfortunate, I have mentioned that we are using some wierd non-standard and only makes things difficult... I'll message tech support about this, and see if i can't figure out their dcomparible alternative...

  • mirozake
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    I've simply gone through my options until i found one that seemed to work. I had the domain mirror the other domain. Now I can create bogs at the address and visit them, but I cant login to their admin pages. There is a really old thread here with the same problem..
    but the help link in barry's reply is dead and the wp-config edit did nothing but generate a 'no wpmu installation here' error message. I think that any responses should probably be done in that other thread. Unless of course my method of mirroring the original install is the culprit, in which case it would be quite appropriate to continue a conversation about it here.
    any help would be greatly appreciated

  • mirozake
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    Yah, dreamhost only allows mu on their private servers, which i have. so its no problem.

    So, have had some corespondence with tech support and they have assured me that they cannot 'park' a domain onto another and that i want to either mirror it or clock it. So, i mirrored it and let them know. They then wrote me back saying they had enabled the wildcards.
    I've added the site through the multi- site plugin manager and it created the site and put a top level blog up. I can visit the site, and go to its about pages and default comments. but when i attempt to login from the wp-login.php page, i just reloads the page everytime i hit the login button and the address changes to

    possibly I do not have both wildcards enabled?
    lets just check my understanding, 3 things right?
    1)I need to have wildcard dns enabled,
    2)enable apache wildcard.?
    3)set up a serveralias to the root?

    okay, don't think im very clear on the apache wildcard, is that seperate from the serveralias entry to the vhost? also im not very clear on the serveralias entry either. most likely this is where I am falling over my own feet.. thanks again, you guys are life savers.

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