Multiple Person Registrations with same account in Events+?

I am currently testing different event registration plugins for a Community Theater group. They were originally looking at using a paid service, but I told them it would be best if they could keep the registration on the same site. This would not only keep visitors longer but could also cut costs significantly. Getting to my question, though.

As I was fiddling with Events+, I thought I struck gold. I already owned the plugin, so I didn’t have to buy anything. Plus, it was fairly simple to add events once setup correctly. The catch is this, the company does children’s theater. This means that whoever would register is only the parent of the child who they are registering. They could also be registering 2+ children at once.

Currently, the only 2 ways of still using this would be to: (1) have the parent create two WordPress accounts or (2) create an extra metabox for registration for the parent to write the child names.

I’m sure you can see the problems with these options. The first is complicated. The second will show the parents on the guest list and not the children which will mess up the numbers and fees.

I’m sure this is a complicated fix, but are there any ideas on how I could have multiple person registrations with same account? I’ve thought about seeing how the CSV is generated. Maybe I could add the metabox data with kids names to it, but that wouldn’t fix numbers issue.