Multiple problems with content copier and New Blog Template

Where to start? Looking into this, I have a recent problem and a long term problem.

Recent problem: I have the group getting both the group and template posts while the template group is not getting any.

Long Term problem: I have many, many orphans that I can’t identify that are not ever getting any posts and since I can’t identify them, I don’t want to duplicate them in a group if they are included in the template group.

The recent problem just started when I needed to revert to New Blog Template 2.8 because of registration problems (Support Ticket) When I re-installed NBT, I lost all settings for the blog template and needed to recreate it.

I’ve been using content copier with NBT since 8/2014. At the time of installation, I had 31 existing sites so I created a group for them and then all new sites should have been included in the blog template group – the blog template group shows a quantity of 90 when their should be approx 140 – so it looks like I have a lot of orphans but I have no idea which sites may or may not be included. Although it may be possible that I lost all connection to them when I re-installed NBT – its hard to know – the dashboard still says 90 but I just copied a post to all sites in my 2-step process (first to the 31 site pre-template group and then next to the template group). What I found was each site of the pre-template group got 2 copies and the template group got none. My first thought was that I made a mistake and had selected the pre-group twice – so I re-did the template group and none of the sites got a copy but when I checked on the pre-template group, they now had 3 posts!!!

How do I fix this for all current subscribers and for future? This is exceptionally important because a main part of my service includes copying posts onto our subscriber’s sites (approx 3-4 per week) and sending text notifications with links to posts.