Multiple ProSite Configuration on a single Multisite install

Hey Guys,

I will be setting up a WP Multisite environment using subdomains. My intent is to use ProSites in a number of sub sites within the same network to sell sites/blogs to potential users. Once a sale is made, a new site is to be created in the same network, this would be true regardless of which subsite the user registered and paid through.

I will be catering to a few different niche areas and would like to keep within the same network as opposed to going the multi-network route.

Is it possible to have a setup as I describe above? Please advise. Thanks

  • Predrag Dubajic

    Hi @J. Galileo,

    Hope you're doing well today :slight_smile:

    If I understand correctly you want to create Multisite Network and then create another network inside each sub site? Unfortunately that kind of setup you are trying to accomplish is not possible.
    You can only have one multisite installation and Pro Sites network activated, this way you will be able to sell sub sites for that network but you won't be able to sell sub site within sub site.

    You will need to have network installation for each of your subdomains.
    To manage multiple WP installations you can use some of these solutions:

    Let us know if you have any other questions regarding this.

    Best regards,

  • J. Galileo

    Thanks for the update Predrag,

    Perhaps I didn't explain myself correctly. I am not wanting to create a network within a subsite of the network. What I am after, and the answer may very well still be no, is the ability to have one multisite network with sub sites, and from a few subsites I want to be able to sell a site/blog within the same network.

    For example

    Main network is

    Lets say I have 50 sub sites all of different types and niches (lets label them subsite1-subsite50)

    I want to install prosites on subsite1, subsite12, subsite18, subsite30, subsite40. Each of these subsites belongs to one niche (restaurants, retail, automotive etc).

    What I ultimately want to accomplish is having the ability to have a niche specific branded subsite to sell sites/blogs to that niche within the same main network. In a nutshell I want to have One Network with many subsites selling sites on that network.

    I hope I explained myself a little bit better this time. Thanks again.

  • Predrag Dubajic

    Hi @J. Galileo,

    Thanks for the additional info but unfortunately this is still not possible to set this way since the Pro Sites can only be network activated and all the settings are configured from the network settings, it can't be changes per sub site.

    Because of that you would need to have multiple WP installations each having it's network of sites that are categorized under same niche.

    Best regards,

  • J. Galileo

    Thanks Pedrag,

    Last follow up to this.

    It would be possible to do what I am after if I used the WP Multi Network plugin correct.

    Setup main network with multisites, use wp multi network to setup each individual network (niche specific) within oune install of multisite, to each network configure prosites in accordance to that niche specific settings. This way each network will have a main site from which sites/blogs are in turn sold to a potential customer.

    Can you confirm this setup is doable. Thanks

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