Multiple Questions with Pro-Sites Plugin

Hey Guys,
I was testing Pro sites with 3 levels - Free, Pro & Elite. The free level wouldnt cost anything & i'd like my users to have the free level of Pro Sites when they 1st create their blog (website), with the option of upgrading later.
However, what I notice is that, when a user signs up for a new blog; the new blog is NOT a Pro Sites blog. The user is required to explicitly register for a Free Pro Sites Blog after creating a blog.
Is there a way to get around this ?
Question 2: I see that, if I enable free trial on the Elite level, any new blogs are automatically put in that level. But, I would want my users to start of at the Free level & then choose to 'try' the free trial, IF THEY CHOOSE TO. Is that possible ?
Question 3: If my user is given the Elite Level free trial for 1 month & he chooses not to continue (& not to pay anything)....would he fall to the Free level
or to the Pro level ??