Multiple Site Sharing Images

I am in the process of rebuilding a few dozen sites by the end of the year. Each one is for a radio station that is owned by a corporate parent.

Each WordPress site is hosted individually by each station, so it is NOT possible to move them all to a single server and set them up with Multisite.

What I want to do is get them to all use images that have been approved and licensed by corporate. So I need to set up a central image repository and then allow them to download images from that repository into their web site through the new WordPress media library manager.

A plugin that will add an “Import New” to the Media menu and when clicked, it will allow the user to browse the media items on another WordPress site with an approved connection. The user can select one or more images and import them.

Any site running this plugin can “expose” their image gallery through some kind of authorization process to share images. Or they can keep their images private, but select another site as an import location.

Maybe it can even be monetized to allow a site to sell individual images or subscriptions through the plugin.