Multiple Sitemaps issues with Infinite SEO 1.3.6

Don’t know where to start. Love this plugin and I’m not sure when / what version these issues started creeping in but I’ll do my best to walk through them. Currently on WP 3.3 with Infinite SEO 1.3.6 – all the latest. And to make sure caching wasn’t involved I completely removed WP Super Cache from the picture.

At one point sitemaps were working flawless for me with the new format (xsl applied). Now it’s all over the place.

If I enable “Automatically notify search engines,” the first time I access the sitemap URL I get an error / warning like #1 in the attached screenshot and the following in the HTML:

Warning: set_time_limit() [function.set-time-limit]: Cannot set time limit in safe mode in /home/clvrtv/public_html/wp-content/plugins/wpmu-dev-seo/wds-files/wds-sitemaps/wds-sitemaps.php on line 40

However, I have confirmed in my configs and with phpinfo() that PHP safe mode is NOT active. How could that be with this error? Weird.

Also, after that I get a non-xsl applied version of the sitemap that doesn’t even look like it’s being generated by Infinite SEO like in #2 of the screen shots. But it is. I have double and triple checked that all other traces of other sitemap / seo plugins are removed.

On different sites, I still get the Infinite SEO version (#3). XSL. Pretty :slight_smile: But more reassuring with the HTML comment:

XML Sitemap Generated by WPMU DEV SEO, containing 14 URLs

which isn’t present on the other ones. So strange.

Somebody please rescue me from sitemap hell. This used to just always work. But I figured out that it probably hasn’t been submitting sitemaps to the search engines automatically for quite some time now and new sites in our multisite network show no sitemaps in Google Webmaster tools. Arg!

Do I have something totally hosed on my install? Or has Infinite SEO gone schizo ? :slight_smile: Thanks for your time!