Multiple sites on same domain.

I have a site and also want a complete different site on
How do i do that.
I don`t want to do something wrong :disappointed:
What do i do in the prefix table?
And is it right that i use the same mysql codes on both sites?
I have change the authkey to nonce salt.
I want the two sites have nothing to do with eachother :slight_smile:
Any idea?
Best regards


  • Alexander
    • DEV MAN’s Mascot

    Hi @Morten,

    If they are entirely separate you can just create a new database on the same server. Then install the other site in a subfolder. As long as each site has a different URL, they can still work on the same domain.

    If by "english" you just want a mirror of the same site in another language, you could look into using WPML. It might save you some time and effort:

    Best regards,

  • Morten
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    Thank you! :slight_smile:
    I want them completely separate :slight_smile: Then wpml its not a choice now. :slight_smile:

    So if i make a folder like i can put in wordpress just the same way i do on a single domain? i dont have to do nothing with the first "original" one?

    Best regards

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