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I've bought the subscription package which is not to shabby. I'm getting close to going live with my website ( I had one suggestion, because my website is informational it will grow in value as I put more information into. Because of this I'm not going to charge as much at first to grow my membership base. One idea that I had was to have some of my friends in various blogging networks promote the site. They could offer their blog readers discounts.

Problem is paypal doesn't support coupons from what I can tell, maybe some of the other payer accounts do, but I'm not willing to pay for those accounts until I test out my site, therefore - paypal. So, I'm in a which comes first chicken or the egg problem.

I was thinking though that a really cool feature for the subscription package would be to offer different subscription pages. Leave it up to the user to pick their mix. This way the user could have something like a page with [subscriptionform1] and another page with [subscriptionform2], with different subscriptions on those pages. In my situation I could have XYZ blog readers come to [subscriptionform2] and get half off, while visitors that come through Adwords or something pay full price. Just an idea doesn't seem like it would take that much more programming but I don't know anything about programming or webdesign. People could also offer different readers different packaging, even do A/B testing, get creative all that!

  • DavidM
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    Hi there clayman,

    So, multiple subscription form codes? That's an interesting take on things. Not quite coupon codes, not quite invite codes. Sounds like a neat little idea. Will be interesting to see what others have to say on this.


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