multiple subscription pages on membership plugin

is it possible to have multiple subscription pages on the membership plug-in?

I have a site i am working on that sells tutorials. there are 12 different areas of tutorial, each with 4 different types of tutorial within it.

We would like it if someone could subscribe to an individual tutorial (one of 48 tutorials) or subscribe to a series of 4 or subscribe to all of them.

how would i set it up to accomplish this without having 0ver 60 different membership levels?

  • dreamraven

    i may have made my question a little confusing... most likely because i am confused.

    here is my scenario:
    i have 48 different tutorials:

    i want people to be able to purchase a single tutorial
    a set of 4 tutorials
    a set of twelve tutorials
    all of the tutorials

    as i am understanding this plugin, i would set up an access level for each of the 48 tutorials and put the shortcode for that tutorial/access level around my protected content.

    but then do i set up membership levels for each of the access levels?
    which would be:
    48 membership levels for each of the 48 individual tutorials
    12 membership levels for the sets of 4
    4 membership levels for the sets of 12
    1 membership level for the whole package.

    which is 65 membership levels???

    that seems a little crazy. but i am not sure how to do it otherwise.

    unless it is possible to have a membership level choose a single access level that it wants,
    for example if i had a membership level that lets you choose one of the 48 tutorials for a certain price.

    ect ect.

    does this make sense?


  • Jack Kitterhing

    Hi there @dreamraven

    I hope you are well today and thank you for your question.

    A member can have multiple subscriptions but in your use case it still looks like your going to need to create those 65 levels, but that seems like a lot to create for this, See a member can have multiple subscriptions but those subscriptions can't have the same rules on them as it'll cause a conflict.

    What about having a base level and then having the extra levels? The 4 and 12 packages will those tutorials from them also be available individually?

    Thank you!

    Kind Regards

  • dreamraven

    thanks for getting back to me jack,

    yes the 4 and 12 packages would be for the same tutorials. they are music tutorials, and there are different parts. there will be 12 drum parts, 12 mbira parts, 12 dance parts and 12 spoken word parts.

    so one person can buy just a single drum part. or can buy all 12 of the drum parts or they can buy the set that contains one drum part, one mbira part, one dance part and one spoken word part.

    or they can buy everything. and when i say "buy" i mean purchase access to.

    so there is not really any kind of "base level" as any person should be able to choose which tutorial they want want out of the 48 individually.

    as for the conflict....the way i was going to set it up was not going to be with rules, as that did not work for my site, all of my tutorials are custom post types and they do not show up in the rules section.. the categories and the posts dont show, so i was going to use just the protected content shortcodes and wrap my video tutorials and protected content in those shortcodes.

    what do you think is the best way to handle all of this?

    i dont want a registration page with 65 options as that seems crazy! what about the "pay per view" plugin.... would that work and integrate with this membership plugin?

    if i had the pay per view to buy each of the individual tutorials and then if you wanted a larger access package you would do a membership subscription.

    so i would have the individual tutorials available as pay per view

    12 different membership levels that give you access to one set of 4 tutorials

    4 different membership levels that give you access to all of one type of tutorial

    and one that gives complete access.

    could that work with these two plugins? i am not sure how that would be implemented... as i dont know what the pay per view does... but i wonder


  • Jack Kitterhing

    Hi there @dreamraven

    I hope you are well today and sorry for the extreme delay here.

    I don't believe Pay Per View would be best for this use case to be honest.

    If the tutorials need individual purchase access though, you would indeed need the 48 subscriptions and they shouldn't conflict, as long as none of the content is protected on one or more levels, currently the rules and protection is being re-written in membership to handle it a different a way so there couldn't be any conflicts :slight_smile:

    In the mean time though, perhaps Pay Per View would be best as 65 is indeed a lot of subscriptions to have, even though personally I think the membership plugin would work better for you, is there any way the amount of subscriptions could be cut down?

    Thank you!

    Kind Regards

  • dreamraven


    right now, i just set it up with the membership plugin and did not use any rules in the access levels, all i did was use the shortcodes to protect the video content on the page.
    i made a subscription for each access level, so each is unique
    then i used the subscription page shortcodes to put individual links to the purchase this subscription page for each subscription.

    it seems to work, the only thing i am hoping is that people can purchase multiple subscriptions....

    i decided to wait on the larger subscription packages that have multiple levels, as it seems like that may not work right now. and i am hoping the new updates to the membership plugin will help fix this issue.

    thanks for your help. i will let you all know how it goes

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