Multiple Subscriptions for Members

Hi Barry,

So in this thread as requested we will discuss the problem with a user having multiple subscription levels.

When users signup for multiple subscription levels they can’t access the higher level content.

The process from very start;

1.Signup as Paid Annual Member

2. Login, then have access to new subscriptions they can add on.

3. Press the subscribe button go through buying process. These add on subscriptions have a shorter duration and extra areas of the site enabled, hence why we need to split them..

When the user cancels their add on subscription, they remain a paid annual member.

The current result is;

If a user is subscribed to the annual subscription and an add on subscription then they only see the annual subscription content.

All Members are using Positive Levels

Visitors / Logged Out is using a Negative Level to avoid all members areas.

Visitors & Members with only 1 subscription are working fine. It’s only when members have multiple subscriptions is when the problems occur.

If you want to recreate the problem. Create 4 access & subscription levels

Visitors (Negative Rules /members/+)

Free Members (Positive Rules /members/ & members/free/+) – infinite

Paid Members (Positive Rules /members/ & members/paid/+) – serial 1 year

Short Course Members (Positive Rules /members/ & members/free/+ & members/paid/+ & members/shortcourse/+) – serial 3 months

Set all free members in options to ‘Free Members’

Subscribe to Paid Member…

Then Subscribe with the same user to a new Short Course subscription.

Then visit the short course premium area.

Let me know if you have any questions to make this easier or even if you need access.