Multiple ticket pricing tiers for bookings

How does one have multiple price tiers for tickets through Events +?

  • jb510
    • Flash Drive

    Ugh… that’s very disappointing, I thought I’d finally found a Event/Booking plugin that was both powerful and easy to use. I really like the UI for event creation for E+, but I’ll have to go back to WP Event Manager (having tried and decided against Event Espresso (failed for funky/complicated CPT implementation) and The Events Calendar (failed for EventBright ONLY payement gateway).

    WP Event Manager is really good and does multiple ticket levels, it’s just a bit more complicated and clunky UI than E+…

    Please consider this a feature request for multiple ticket levels from me at least…

  • Vladislav
    • Dead Eye Dev


    In the latest plugin release (v1.4, just released) the “Membership Integration” add-on has been updated to allow for membership level-based ticket prices, as well as the level-based free admission (old behavior). Can you please give it a go and see if it meets your needs?

  • russfinley
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    The membership integration is awesome, but still, without the ability to add more than one pricing option it’s very disappointing.

    I agree with Mark, “Conferences rarely have one ticket price” Rarely being the keyword. Ticket for seating A, Ticket for Seating B, ect…. This has got to be a standard option for any “plus” event plugin – “Event Plus”, I don’t think so, plenty of these are available without being a WPMUDEV member. On the other hand this is a great basic event calendar plugin. No Plus here – it’s basic.

    Working with a client now and I will have to purchase Event Expresso to fill it’s needs. Event “plus” doesn’t come close. Bummer.

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