Multiple user types, and

I need to set up levels/roles for users on my site. When a user signs up, they need to be given an option to select which kind of profile they want to sign up for. Once they select the type of profile, it will then give them appropriate registration categories (which will show accordingly with their profile). For example: models need to have height, weight, eye color and so on…musicians need to have band name, location and other music related things for their profiles. Here is a screenshot of what I’m trying to accomplish:

Would this be possible with WordPress MultiSites? I’ve never worked with WPMS before…so I guess I’m a bit unclear. If I create a multisite for “models” and one for “musicians” can i adjust each sign up form within buddypress for each multisite? Also…if someone signs up for a Model profile under the model multisite…will they only see activity and will their profile only show up on the Model multisite? Or will the profiles be site wide?

I need the profiles to be site/network wide. For example, musicians need to be able to click on the site activity link and see musicians activity, along with models, photographers and everyone.

Also, I need users to be able to add their city location, or an address, or zip code. That way other users can search for example: models in a certain area code. If they want to search models, they will search through the custom profile details I asked about above. I want the user to be able to click on a search page, then from there select Model, Musician, Photographer…and so on. Once a profile type is selected, then they will have more options depending on what they selected initially. People searching for musicians or bands in a certain area don’t need the option to select hair color and stuff in their search.

I hope this makes sense. I look forward to hearing back…and I am excited to see how useful this site is, it seems like it’s going to make my life a LOT easier :slight_smile:

Thank you,