Multiple WP Themes on the same site?

Is it possible have multiple WP Themes on one site/domain ?
the one im currently using works very nicely as a Front of house (one page overview) however is really bad as an eCommerce theme. i therefore want to continue using this theme for the home page but when a user wants to view the shop they will navigate away from that page and onto another showing them the e-commerce site (using a theme specifically designed to work with my current eCommerce platform - WooCommerce)

Is this possible? is it worth doing in this way or is there a workaround that might be a better solution? ( do i need multi-site for this? or can it be done without?)

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  • Michelle Shull

    Hi Tom!

    Multisite is definitely an option here, which would make using two different themes really easy to do. Your primary site could be your landing page, then links to your store would take users to your subsite to shop. There would be no really change in the shopper's experience than if it was a single WP install. There's not a way to automagically use two themes at once, you'd need to combine two themes, which is going to be trickier than it sounds.

    There's a chance your theme could be whipped into shape with a little CSS to better support your store pages. CSS can't do everything, but it can do a lot to change how your content displays.

    We can help you get a multisite set up, and we can help with all the CSS you need.

    Thanks for your question!

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