Multipress network sites unstyled AND 'too many redirects' error in wp-adim

With NO plugin’s active and only one theme installed into a new installation of wordpress….

I activated multipress, following the codex…

I set up for subfolders for the network sites (because I read that it was simpler than subdomains and that i could use the WPMUDEV domain mapping plugin to remap those folders to full domains)

I updated the .htaccess as indicated…

I updated the wp-config.php as indicated…

I added a network site from the dashboard….

The main site came online instantly. The networked site is there, but is unstyled and also when I click on the admin link for that networked site, it pens an error page in safari that indicates ‘too many redirects’

I am hosting on linux with godaddy. The wordpress site is not my main domain there. The domain that we are using to do this is an addon domain, so the root of that domain is in a folder inside the main domain.

What do I need to do to fix the two problems: 1. unstyled network site and 2. no access to network site wpadmin?