Multipress/Buddypress network configuration

We’re attempting to develop a network of sites that are both independent and yet linked socially. The vision is basically to have one main site that links to the other sites as a social center, though the other sites will have their own private membership in addition to shared social options.

Right now we only have one specific site under development. However, we’d like to structure it so that adding more sites later will fall within the social network. For example.

Hub site domain – (parent – won’t be developing at this time, but future projects would use this as the social hub)

Current site domain – (child) Actively developing

Future site domains – (child) when we have current effort established

At this point, the site under development is really the only one that needs to work. We don’t “need” it to integrate with other sites. However, I’d like to the best way to structure these in hopes of being able to build more sites into a larger network.

With this in mind, would it be best to go ahead and establish the hub/parent domain as a multisite, with Buddypress installed in order to socially integrate further projects? If so, then each project would be a multisite in its own right, but be a part of the parent Buddysite?

I’m still educating myself in regard to the function and application of miltisites and Buddypress, so may have this mixed up. Reading other threads and the manuals has helped, but some clarity and a sense of direction in this regard would be appreciated.