Multisite and databases

We have a multisite installation. We will soon be adding a number of subdomains.
I would like to make sure that each subdomain has its own database because I am worried that, otherwise, the database would get too large.
How do I make sure that each subdomain has a separate database?

  • Larry Levenson
    • Recruit

    The whole idea of multisite is to run multiple domains (or sub-domains) off of a single instance of WP, which means a single database. And yes, they can get large, but the management of multisite is S-O-O-O much easier than running many individual sites.

    However, your concern about database size is a valid one. One of my multisites now has a database of 1.4 GB and will continue to grow slowly. This has meant a move to a managed cloud-based service (I chose Flywheel) where DB size isn't an issue. The important thing is to develop a path for scaling as your multisite grows.

  • Ash
    • WordPress Hacker

    Hello Troy Media

    It may be said as multisite but behind the scene it's actually single wordpress installation. So it has only one database, but the tables are increased for each subsite.

    But if you have a developer, you can try using this: Which allows you to have multiple databases for a wordpress multisite. You need to configure carefully and of course take a help from a developer.

    Have a nice day!


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