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When you have a multisite and marketpress set up with different users having shopping carts, how can you streamline the checkout process when a buyer buys products from different sellers?

out of the box, you have to check out separately from each seller – and that can be a problem and hassle and confusing since the “view cart” will only display the products from the “seller site” you are currently on.

The way it is done on for example is that the checkout process and view cart displays the cart from each seller on the same page.

Any help is appreciated.


  • Kimberly
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    Thanks for using WPMUdev forums!

    In the Marketpress settings in your Network Admin menu you will have the option to enable Global Shopping cart.

    This is best used in conjunction with the Global Shortcodes, but can be used in any way you choose among the shops on your network. Paypal currently limits you to purchasing from 10 sites at once, however the odds of you needing to exceed that aren't too big :slight_smile:

    Also, you cannot use chained payments with Global Shopping Cart, it's a PayPal Limitation.

    Enabling Global Shopping Cart will give you the ability to have one checkout showing items from multiple stores :slight_smile:



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    HI Biornt,

    The last that I checked Global cart had only two options- paypal express or eway (which costs $350 per year). It would be great if it could allow more payment solutions.

    Etsy bills its vendors separately at the end of the month (at least they used to, not sure if they still do). wp invoice could handle that for you, although it adds to the workflow since it is not automated like chained payments in marketpress, and it doesn’t guarantee that you collect at time of sale.

    @kimberly, does global cart allow more vendors now?

  • biornt
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    Thanks for your input. It is a little confusing with the different type of shopping carts (meaning global or not).

    We will most likely have hundreds (if not thousands) of sellers, all offering their product (they are all downloadable files in this case – no physical products).

    What is the best way to deal with that scenario in your opinion?

    the ideal way would be to have one checkout, but i think you or Tim mentioned in some email that possible charge backs could be an issue.


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