Multisite and using templates not buddypress

Hi Everyone

I have a multisite website which is going well as I need a site for people to create blogs simply.

The problem is Buddypress; the only reason I use Buddypress is the layout format for the Blogs page and Registration page; no other reason. (I already have a template for the main structure of the site WhiteHouse Pro part of Pageline Pro). If I deactivate Buddypress the Blogs page and Registration page ‘goes to pot’.

In fact Buddypress would be ok but for the fact it overrides so many essential plugins that I need ie Blog description, Blog Categories etc.

Is their a way off eliminating Buddypress all together but have the same structure (or nice layout) on the Blogs page and registration.

Really hope this makes sense. I have enclosed screenshots.

ps my css is very limited