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I am currently piloting the setup of a multisite on WPMUDEV Hosting. I am trying to get the process identified to set a subsite to its own domain name. So, I am running on, and have added a subsite /testchurch1. I have changed the domain name for the subsite to (a domain name that I own and don't currently use). I added the domain name in the hosting configuration area, and added it to Cloudflare using a cname and setting the crypto to "Full Strict". This caused an error regarding the certificate... now I understand that the site has not created the certificate yet, so I'm glad to wait for that, but I wanted to verify that "Full Strict" is correct for this type of implementation. And I want to verify that everything else is correct... when I use "Flexible" for the Cloudflare Crypto, I get to a page at WPMUDEV Hosting that says I need to setup the domain, which of course I have already, but perhaps I shouldn't worry until the cert is created? And I did setup the domain name in Wordpress, so if all is working, it should get to the subsite.

Appreciate any help or guidance.


Art Smith
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    Hi Ambrosia Web Technology!

    Hope you are doing great :slight_smile:

    Yes, that is correct. On Cloudflare you need to set the crypto to "Full Strict", as expalined on the Hosting docs: DNS and Domain Management > Cloudflare.

    I just tested this on my testing subsite and it worked fine. So as soon as you get the SSL already enabled for the new domain that was added to the hosting, you should be able to finish the setup for the DNS records under Cloudflare to have it properly mapped to the site. Let me just mention that I was not able to use the CNAME for this new domain because I already had the CNAME for the main site's domain (that I also had on Cloudflare), so I just used the A and AAAA records for this new domain on Cloudflare and it worked fine. Please make sure that this is not your case too, just in case.

    Hope this helps and please let us know if this doesn't work or if you have any other question regarding it so we can continue assisting you with this.

    Have a nice day ahead!

    Kind regards,

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