Multisite Assigning domain to subiste

I am currently piloting the setup of a multisite on WPMUDEV Hosting. I am trying to get the process identified to set a subsite to its own domain name. So, I am running on, and have added a subsite /testchurch1. I have changed the domain name for the subsite to (a domain name that I own and don’t currently use). I added the domain name in the hosting configuration area, and added it to Cloudflare using a cname and setting the crypto to “Full Strict”. This caused an error regarding the certificate… now I understand that the site has not created the certificate yet, so I’m glad to wait for that, but I wanted to verify that “Full Strict” is correct for this type of implementation. And I want to verify that everything else is correct… when I use “Flexible” for the Cloudflare Crypto, I get to a page at WPMUDEV Hosting that says I need to setup the domain, which of course I have already, but perhaps I shouldn’t worry until the cert is created? And I did setup the domain name in WordPress, so if all is working, it should get to the subsite.

Appreciate any help or guidance.


Art Smith

Ambrosia Web Technology, LLC