Multisite BuddyPress


Having posted in a few different places I’m still confused as to whether this is even possible, could anyone shed any light on this please…?

I have a WP multisite install that looks like this:


There are is a common theme across all the sites on the multisite, and also common plugins.

What I would like is BP activated for each site, such that each site has its own set of users, its own feeds, in effect a ‘BPMU’

Users of site1 for example only see user activity that is associated with site1.

Is this even possible?



  • Mason
    • DEV MAN’s Sidekick

    Hiya Simon,

    No. It’s not possible (yet). BuddyPress must be network activated when on a multisite – you can’t activate it individually. However, I believe this is slated to be added in the 1.6 release. That’s not a guarantee, but I know it’s on their roadmap.


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