multisite cleanup

Hi everyone,

What is the best way to delete wp multisite blogs,their storage space and their tables in the database for multisite sites that haven’t logged in for a year?

Any idea?


  • Timothy
    • Chief Pigeon

    Hey Mustafa.

    Thats a tough one……. without requiring some manual labour there…..

    I suppose first, how do we define “haven’t logged in for a year”…. Do we mean by the admin? By Editor, author, contributor?

    I know I set up sites where the admin rarely ever goes on there and just leaves it all to an editor. The other thing to consider is your SERPS in google. What if its not a strong contender for activity but it has some articles which are major pullers for your network?

    I tell you what I would like to see…… And there are or were plugins doing this on single site installs…

    WP Super Optimiser :

    – Clean up the DB where plugins and themes are no longer users. (gives the admin options before final deletion just incase…:wink: I.E. Theme options, settings, rogue bloat.

    – Deactivate sites with no activity for X days, weeks, months, years.

    – Delete deactivated sites after X days, weeks, months, years of being deactivated. Including files and content. Perhaps have an option to dump a backup for it somewhere though?

    – Clean up spambacks, sorry trackbacks throughout the network.

    – Clean up spam comments throughout the network. Perhaps even allow for certain criteria.

    – Check for broken links and remove them or notify the site owner first. Then delete them after X warnings.

    I’m sure there could be a lot more here.

    But how many times have we all had DB bloat, rubbish left over from old plugins and themes we will never use again.

    I think this could even fall in line with the following request we had:

    In fact I’ll add it on there now. :slight_smile:

    Sorry for babbling on there. :-s

    Take care.

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