Multisite Content Copier and New Blog Templates integration


My question is about Multisite Content Copier.
I added some content (pages and custom posts) to a blog templates. I'd like to copy theses items to all my other blog templates.

I activated New Blog Templates integration.
On the Multisite Content Copier page you say:

Important: content can only be copied to template blogs created after Multisite Content Copier was installed.

I'm pretty sure some template blogs have been created before Multisite Content Copier was installed but not 100% sure though.

I try to copy content and the last page is the "select the destination sites" page. I choose "select by blog templates groups" and I can see my blog templates (I think they are all here) (see capture 1).

But what surprises me is that when I go to "site groups" and choose "new blog templates", multisite content copier founds nothing (see capture 2).

Is this normal or did I miss something? :slight_smile:

It's on my live site so I didn't try to finish the copy process. I want to be sure I'm not doing it wrong.

Best Regards

  • Alexander

    Hi @Arom77,

    You've mentioned your templates where created before Multisite Content Copier was install. They actually must be created afterwards. This is because Multisite Content Copier extends the template creation process in preparation for copying the content properly.

    This could be why you're experiencing these issues. Could you try creating a new template now that Multisite Content Copier is installed, and advise if this makes a difference?

    Best regards,

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