Multisite content copier doesn't update image id's

Hi WPMU team,

First I wanted to say that we run a WordPress network for marketing consultants in south america and multisite content copier has been working like a charm for pushing pages to our customers’ subsites.

However, today I ran a test copying a page I needed to copy to the network sites, and I was presented with a page with all the copied images in all the wrong places.

Although the plugin did in fact copy the images to the test site’s library, all the image id’s got updated and this broke all the attachments on the page.

Here’s the original page –

Here’s the page when copied to another site –

Is it possible to copy the images to subsites without updating the image id’s?

I’ve looked for hours online but I feel like I’m treading uncharted waters here and I’m not sure how to approach copying this page to our network’s sites without having to manually reset thousands of images.

Thank you for any support. It will be greatly appreciated!

Best regards,

Jonathan Denney