Multisite Content Copier plugin not working as expected

I’m using the Multisite Content Copier plugin on my WordPress site with multisite enabled. The way I understand this plugin to work is that I can specify one or more pages to be copied to other sites in my network. But when I attempt to do this, it is not overwriting the original page in the destination sites. Instead, each destination site ends up with the original page and a new version of the page that was copied from the source.

In my setup, I have one site that is used as a template for all new sites added to the network. It’s made up of just a handful of pages. Some of the pages, such as the Home page, will always be the same for every instance, while others, like an About page, are customized per instance.

The Multisite Content Copier plugin would be employed anytime a global change needs to be made. So if I need to make a change to the Home page, I would go to my template site, update the content and use this plugin to copy the new version of the page to all the other sites.

If this plugin doesn’t overwrite the existing Home page in each destination site then it means I’ll have to visit each site dashboard and delete the previous version of the Home page and then update the new copy with the correct permalink which would be too tedious.

Would this plugin accomplish my goal or do I need to find another plugin? The whole reason I got a membership to wpmudev was to get this plugin.