Multisite Content Copier

I am new to multisite and new to wpmudev just joined yesterday on a free trial. I love the dashboard and everything so far. But here’s my challenge. I specifically got the membership to use Multisite Content Copier but its not working as explained or as I thought. I thought it would completely duplicate everything identically…but its not. Here is the page were trying to copy from and here’s what the plugin copied onto the target site in our network

As you can see it left out a lot. Even the social sharing tool and the top is missing our links and the video & the Aweber form is all missing? Is this the right plugin? We installed another plugin from another developer that allowed us to clone pages within each site which we needed as well and it worked like a dream… but it was not for multisite.. we were able to clone everything 100%…we thought the Multisite Content Copier would perform the same function but basically clone 100% of the pages we needed but to other sites within our network. We even installed the same theme onto the target site that we were trying to copy to as you can see from the links and still it left out pretty much everything. If anyone has any suggestions or advise we would love to hear it. Thanks

PS: I also put another support ticket in and replied to my welcome email more than 24 hours ago and haven’t heard from anyone. Would love to get some support on this as I’m sure its a quick fix.