Multisite default contents for each new blog


I am looking for a plugin which I can use to set defaults for all new blogs which can copy selected pages, posts, menus and widgets along with their data but I am unable to find any such. Please help me finding such.

Also, I used your Multisite Content Copier plugin but it does not have option to copy menus and widgets. Please suggest.


Clinten Aragona

  • George
    • The Bug Hunter

    When I used the content copier I too sometimes had problems and it didn’t always work if copying existing content to other sites.

    However, if you just need to copy content from one of your existing sites that you use as a ‘template’ to all of your newly created sites then New Blog Templates works great for that. You can choose which pages/posts to copy and even database tables if you have default settings for some of your plugins that you would also like copied. Copies the menus as well.

    The only issue I ever has was using a cheap $15 theme for the template site but the problem was in the theme.

  • George
    • The Bug Hunter

    Yes it will do exactly what you want.

    You choose which of your sub sites that you want to use for the “template” and all your new sites will be created using the same menu & theme. There will be no “theme selection” when the sites are created, they will all use the same.

    Just setup a subsite with the theme & pages you want on all your newly created sites and set it as the default template.

    You can choose to copy all pages & posts or specify which you want copied.

  • Tyler Postle
    • CGO

    Hey Clinten,

    Yes, I agree with George’s suggestion here :slight_smile: our New Blog Templates plugin would be a much better option for what you’re wanting here.

    As George mentioned, you create/select a subsite you want to use as a template for new sites and then you can either have everything in that site copy over exactly, or you can choose certain options.

    Essentially it allows you to pre-setup a site for your user which is what it sounds like you’re wanting here.

    Also, your Multisite Content Copier is not really copying pages all the time. Some time it does, some time now. Please help me with this.

    Is this happening with only certain pages or sometimes it doesn’t copy anything over?

    Look forward to hearing back!

    All the best,


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