Multisite Domain Setup Questions

Hi all,

I'm in the process of setting up my multisite subdomain install and wondered if anyone could help with some questions I have on the domain setup. Here is what I plan to do:

1. Have WP Multisite on a dedicated IP - e.g. which is configured with Pro-Sites and Domain Mapping plugins.

2. Have WHMCS on a subdomain (?)

3. Have other sub-domains like

Where I'm confused is: can I use the above installation *and* serve multisite customers on the same domain - e.g. will having: and and even mapped to

... create any problems for the domains set up in points 1-3? Would it be advisable to keep 2 & 3 on a separate domain altogether, such as: and and all the client domains at

Apologies if this is really confusing, but I'm really confused here :slight_smile:

Any ideas or advice from current multisite owners would be much appreciated!

Happy developing,

  • aecnu

    Greetings Dee,

    Thank you for the great questions and I also believe I have worked with you in the Internet Marketing world Giveaways etc. in the past years :slight_smile:

    Now you know where I have gone ... lol

    In any event, lets knock out those questions.

    1. Have WP Multisite on a dedicated IP - e.g. which is configured with Pro-Sites and Domain Mapping plugins.

    This will work

    2. Have WHMCS on a subdomain (?)

    This will not work but I just put it in a folder and address it straight through and it works great to include the PayPal IPN's and Google Checkout IPN's

    3. Have other sub-domains like

    This will work.

    Regarding all the other sub sites - they indeed will all work just fine as you have laid out. You send the "A" record to the dedicated IP and WordPress itself resolves all the rest of the DNS itself. You will not see folders or anything like that except those in the blogs.dir sub folder of wp-content because it is all dynamic and the blogs.dir folder keeps each sites uploaded files and images.

    Thank you for being a WPMU DEV Community Member!

    Cheers, Joe

  • Dee

    Hi Joe,

    Thanks for the responses and apologies for the late reply! It's all been happening at this end... from me accidentally trashing a client site that happens to belong to the Yardies (I think!) to a couple of all-nighters trying to get other projects done in time as a result of this disaster. All in a day's work, eh?

    I don't believe we have worked - as in I'm Dee Syed - on the Warrior Forum but I'm sure that our paths are likely to cross at some point (as they have now!).

    Re point #2 - I have gone the route of having a separate .net domain in addition to my main domain with the idea being that I'd use the .net domain to host WHMCS plus my CRM plus backoffice apps and therefore keep the whole business and admin site of my implementation separate from the pro-sites enabled site. Just feel safer knowing that user sites plus the software that are the lifeblood of my business (not to mention confidential!) would be on the same physical domain.

    Will have a play around with this configuration and raise another ticket if I have any issues. Thanks for your help on this one.

    On another note... "Dee Ferdinand"... surely not Rio's brother in the IM game? :smiley:

    Take care and catch you soon,

  • Dee

    Hi Joe,

    So long as you don't sell dodgy WSO's :smiley:

    Anyway, just to round up this ticket in case it's helpful for others - I decided to do the implementation on my new VPS from scratch. Why? Because various little "issues" seemed to crop up with the (apparently straightforward) backup & restore - things like disappearing widgets not showing in the admin area and other things that were "fixable" using any number of tweaks... But the bottom line is, I wouldn't feel comfortable launching in a multisite implementation with pro-sites and go live with the doubt that "maybe" something went wrong with the upgrade etc....

    So, I decided it's one worry I can do without. Plus get more experience in configuring from scratch - it's so much easier the second time. Plus, you get to relive all those frustrations about not being able to integrate with memberships etc. (ok, I didn't mean the last bit!).

    Thanks for your help,

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