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Hi, I am trying to create a system where end users can create their own retail websites, easily, something like shopify.
I also need to have a way to have a central product inventory system where the retailers can select what products they want to sell.
The products inventory list should be accessible by all the potential retailers of the multi-site retail website creator. Do you have any plugins that can help with this desired scenario?

  • Kasia Swiderska

    Hello John,

    I'm afraid that MarketPress plugin that works with Multisite and can create stores in Etsy style does not have feature for central product inventory system.
    WooCommerce might have that type of plugin but problem is that WooCommerce does not have network options when installed on Network - it behaves like single plugins on subsites.

    I'm thinking that workaround might be here use of MarketPress and New Blog Templates. What I would do is to enable MarketPress for Network and on one subsite create whole store with all available products but not published, just set as drafts.
    Then I would create template of that subsite in New Blog Templates - so when users would create new subsite in your network they would get ready store - only thing they would need to do is to edit products they want to sell and publish them.

    But other than that I don't see way this can be accomplished with our plugins.

    Eventually you could go with MarketPress and hire developer that would create add-on for that central inventory system (you can find developers on our Jobs and Pros board)

    kind regards,

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