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Hey Team,

So I’m having some trouble with a subsite on a MultiSite install and I keep having to disable the plugins, I’m currently doing this through WP-Admin. All I’m doing is removing everything from “active_plugins” under “wp_options”

My question is, I can see this under the “Edit” screen of the multisite manager but it says “SERIALIZED DATA” is there a way I can enable editing (or clearing) of this? wether by plugin, hack or otherwise, can we do this?

I realised this is Serialized Data so I can’t just change something, the serial must match, but I’d really like to edit this without having to go into PHP My Admin.


P.S I can’t get into the subsite’s dashboard to turn off the plugins, It seems RevSlider is causing some issues each time the plugin is activated, the backend goes blank.

  • Anang
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    Hi @Braydan Willrath

    Thanks for contacting us :slight_smile:

    I offer other solutions beside editing the Serialize data for your subsite. You can deactivate plugins to your subsite with custom functions, without change anything in your database.

    You can use this code to disable all plugin on all of your subsite

    add_filter('site_option_active_sitewide_plugins', 'modify_sitewide_plugins');
    function modify_sitewide_plugins($value) {
    global $current_blog;

    if( $current_blog->blog_id !=1 ) {

    return $value;

    You need to change akismet with plugin that you want to remove.You need to specify the folder and the main plugin file name.

    To implement this code you can need to :

    1. Create a new file called disable-plugins.php under wp-content/mu-plugins (create mu-plugins if not available )

    2. Paste code above to disable-plugins.php

    3. Save the file

    Let me know if this solution is works for you :slight_smile:

    Best Regards

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