Multisite Edit "SERIALIZED DATA"

Hey Team,

So I’m having some trouble with a subsite on a MultiSite install and I keep having to disable the plugins, I’m currently doing this through WP-Admin. All I’m doing is removing everything from “active_plugins” under “wp_options”

My question is, I can see this under the “Edit” screen of the multisite manager but it says “SERIALIZED DATA” is there a way I can enable editing (or clearing) of this? wether by plugin, hack or otherwise, can we do this?

I realised this is Serialized Data so I can’t just change something, the serial must match, but I’d really like to edit this without having to go into PHP My Admin.


P.S I can’t get into the subsite’s dashboard to turn off the plugins, It seems RevSlider is causing some issues each time the plugin is activated, the backend goes blank.