Multisite (etsy style) Marketpress Site - One network cart or per store?

I'm trying to set up an etsy type of website, where people can create their own store... now if I have a bunch of people with their own stores and I am selling all store products from my site, then what happens as a person selects products from different stores? Do they all get added into a single cart, or individual carts? What about coupons that each individual stores offer? Do they get applied only to their applicable products? Would one cart then mean only one coupon, even if there are items from several stores? And what if one store offers "10% off"? How would that work if a cart contains multiple items from multiple stores? Whew! Lots of questions! :slight_smile:

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    Ok, I'm not sure, but it looks like I may have found the answer... for anyone else looking to answer a similar question. Now I just found it, so I don't know if I am correct... perhaps someone can confirm or correct me.

    I guess there is some sort of global cart feature. However, chained payments will not work with this. That said, it looks like WPMU is working on a feature that will allow a user to make payments with each store individually while everything still residing in a single cart.

    I hope that is not the only solution. After all, if I bought ten items from different stores, I'm being forced to make ten separate transactions and gives me too much time for buyer's remorse to set in! I don't even know if that solution itself has been implemented yet.

    May I ask what others have done? I'd like to sell everything seamlessly through a single cart and single transaction. Etsy style, so taking a percent from each store sale. Thoughts?

    For anyone interested in the solution mentioned in this post, check out:

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    Hi @warpedmind

    That's exactly correct.

    There is global cart, but unfortunately at the moment, you can't use chained payments & the global cart. Hopefully this functionality will be included soon, but I am unable to give an ETA at this time.

    Hope this helps, though not much in the way of a solution.


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