Multisite for profit - Step by step guide?

I'm a new WPMU member and one of the reasons I joined was to build multisite solutions for profit.
I'm amazed and overwhelmed by all the great themes and plugins! maybe I'm a little lost :slight_smile:

I have my eye on a couple BuddyPress solutions for clients but we want to first offer free or low cost blog/website solutions to clients who don't want full blown custom hosted WordPress solutions.

We find it hard to build a stand alone WP install with all the required options/custom themes for under $1000. I'd like to use multisite to offer solutions that range from free (with ads) with upgrades via supporter. As clients run into the multisite limits we can help them transition to a stand alone custom solution.

I've setup multisite many times before so I'm not a rookie but I'm also not an expert.
Now I'm looking at adding all the themes and plugins to convert a multisite install into a similar for profit site like EduBlogs.

So I've been using this link to guide me through which plugins/themes to use but I wonder if I'm on the right path, doing too much or ???

1- Is there a better guide on how to setup/configure a for profit multi-site
2-Is there a forum or group specific to this topic? Best plugins to use and not to use?
3-I love the support plugin but can we offer too much? Do we offer everything: membership, e-commerce, classifieds or start slow and add later?

I've also noticed with the upgrade to multisite 3.1, the "super admin" has changed so many of the installation instructions are still based on 3.0

I'm just looking for some ideas/suggestions and general networking to connect with others who have done similar projects.

Thanks in advance for any ideas or help!

  • DavidM
    • DEV MAN’s Mascot

    Hello bobrandklev and welcome to WPMU DEV!

    I really couldn't say I've seen a better guide than the link you posted, as it's listing most of the basic components you'd generally need for such a WordPress-based site. I think it all comes down to your further questions of what and what not to offer, which may be best discussed in a thread like this.

    There are a number of folk around here who have profitable multisites setup and perhaps they might have a few words for you there. Meanwhile, I'll check with the team around here as there's definitely a few among them.

    Regarding your final note, I believe "Super Admin" as a reference to the multisite super-admin role hasn't changed, but simple the Site Admin and Network Admin pages have been integrated.


  • Bob Randklev
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    David thanks for the reply and yes "Super Admin" has been integrated not replaced.

    I will post some of my questions and ideas in other forums and keep good notes so I can write the comprehensive guide I was looking for :slight_smile:

  • Mason
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    Hiya bob,

    Welcome :slight_smile:

    I'd definitely recommend by starting with a very specific set of features you want to offer - start small. One free package and one premium package. Get that going smoothly. From there you can grow, expand and offer a variety of options, but I've found that many times trying to do all possibilities from the start can keep a project from ever getting to 'launch'.

    That's my 2 cents though. Take a look around. When you have specific questions, let us know - or drop by one of our live chat sessions and we can talk through a particular element. I'm on Tuesdays at 10AM EST:

    Hope this helps.


  • Momekh
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    Any notes so far? :slight_smile:

    I am doing a multisite install and I don't want to offer free accounts. A small paid account for the subdomain, and the focus is on the "add a domain" account.

    I am pretty clueless how to do this using WPMUDev's plugins. I have the prosites, domain mapping (and even multi-domain plugin) installed. The multi-domain btw, only seems to give me the option to have more than one domain for my network (which I dont want).

    It's more like a wordpress hosting site, being run as a multisite.

    Do I need to code the wp-signup.php all by myself, so I can let people choose their own domain names and then sign up.

    I am still stuck on being able to accept payments (I use Gumroad for collecting payments)... and am confused how to streamline that sign up process.

    So ANY tips and tricks you have used and/or are thinking about, do share here, friend.


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