Multisite for profit – Step by step guide?

I’m a new WPMU member and one of the reasons I joined was to build multisite solutions for profit.

I’m amazed and overwhelmed by all the great themes and plugins! maybe I’m a little lost :slight_smile:

I have my eye on a couple BuddyPress solutions for clients but we want to first offer free or low cost blog/website solutions to clients who don’t want full blown custom hosted WordPress solutions.

We find it hard to build a stand alone WP install with all the required options/custom themes for under $1000. I’d like to use multisite to offer solutions that range from free (with ads) with upgrades via supporter. As clients run into the multisite limits we can help them transition to a stand alone custom solution.

I’ve setup multisite many times before so I’m not a rookie but I’m also not an expert.

Now I’m looking at adding all the themes and plugins to convert a multisite install into a similar for profit site like EduBlogs.

So I’ve been using this link to guide me through which plugins/themes to use but I wonder if I’m on the right path, doing too much or ???

1- Is there a better guide on how to setup/configure a for profit multi-site

2-Is there a forum or group specific to this topic? Best plugins to use and not to use?

3-I love the support plugin but can we offer too much? Do we offer everything: membership, e-commerce, classifieds or start slow and add later?

I’ve also noticed with the upgrade to multisite 3.1, the “super admin” has changed so many of the installation instructions are still based on 3.0

I’m just looking for some ideas/suggestions and general networking to connect with others who have done similar projects.

Thanks in advance for any ideas or help!