Multisite from - change 'from' globally

Hey guys - so I've setup pro-sites and have got everything working the way I want now.

There is an issue though, which is not specific to prosites.

If someone sets up an account on my system and their visitors (or customers) subscribe to anything, all notifications to those visitors seem to use the email address for that site admin as the 'from' address. The problem is that this does not resolve to my server IP so a lot of emails are going to get rejected and even blacklisted.

For example - say john sets up a woocommerce store and his email address is If Steve ( places an order, all notifications to Steve are sent with the from headers saying ''. Accordingly, all email providers are rejecting it because it looks like the server is trying to spoof gmail.

Ideally what I would like to do is make the "from" email address and make the 'reply-to' field the user's email address.

How would I accomplish this?