Multisite Install Not Allowing Active Rules

So, I think I finally got this thing installed correctly, on multisite running 3.1.1 - From either the main network admin under settings, or under the admin of my main blog, I'm unable to activate the active Rules; ie: visit via a search engine.

No drag and drop is showing, and I event tried to go into the code and remove the cases that way, but it just broke the plugin.

I've tried everything I know, dont know what else to do, can someone give me any tips?


  • thegblog
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    Using what appears to be version 2 of plugin (per license file) and 3.1.1 wordpress.

    Should I look at plugins at the network level? - I only have 3 network active plugins, the popover, the update plugin from here and one other which I did deactiveate with no success. I then went to my main blog on the network (which shows the popover tab as well in a diffferent location) and deactivated all the plugins, and still got no success.

  • thegblog
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    I had it running on a non multisite test site and I drag a button under rules on the right into an area that says "drop here" under active rules. This is not present on the multisite install.

    I click the remove under rules on the multisite install, and the links turn red, but nothing happens, and when i cick update the rule is still there.

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