Multisite installation problem

Since @vinod Dalvi decided to stop responding to my ticket and I am running out of time here heres my problem posted again.

I use multisite privacy on my site I have set up my multisite network so that you log in on the main blog and get redirected to a subsite according to the username and password. I had an issue with redirection but soon discovered that I have other issues with different plugins as well. I have a SSL-wildcard certificate installed on my server and I have started to think that this is causing the errors. What I did was I cloned my server with the exact same settings but without the certificate and everything works like a charm. Could the certificate be installed wrong?

Is there someone who could help me with this issue. I have sent the login and FTP details on Tue Feb 10 2015, 7:46:02 AM threw youre secured contact form: