Multisite installation w/ BuddyPress and Network forums via bbPress

Apparently bbPress is not really a multisite plugin, that is, in a network of site/blogs one cannot have a single set of forums, including BuddyPress group forums, that is viewable by all sites in the network. Rather, each site will have its own forums.

Can anyone offer any insights on what it would take, from a development standpoint to make bbPress be multisite and have the capabilities I want?

I have a WP Multisite +BP installation on which I would like the BP groups to have their own forums, and for there to be network-wide forums as well.

I would like for each site in the network to see the same forums, so that it is one community resource, not a collection of x-number of individual forums. On each site in the network I would like the forums to be rendered in the theme of that site, and the URL to be like domain/sitename/forums instead of just being a link to the network main site, i.e., site:1’s forum area. So that is content from site:1, but theme from site:whatever.

Only the network admin should be able to create group forums, and only the group admin (which might be different than the network admin) can create sub-forums of the group forums. But anybody with a network account, i.e., has a site on the network, can create a non-group associated forum.

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    bbPress natively runs only on the sites it’s activated on. As far as I am aware, there is no built-in functionality to display the same forum content on all subsites in the network.

    However, there is a BuddyPress constant that can be added to your wp-config.php file to allow for all BuddyPress content to be identical on, and accessible on, all subsites:

    See here for more on that:

    I have not tested that setup with bbPress group forums, but it may be worth trying.

    As for your other issues with forums, it's important to note again that are no network settings for bbPress. It only works on the sites it is active on.

    So any network-level features or functionality that you may want would need to be custom-made.

    One more important detail needs to be noted about group forums: you cannot create sub-forums in a group from the front-end. Each BuddyPress group can have a bbPress forum, but if you want sub-forums in them, they must be created and added via the backend interface.

    See an example here:

    You'll see subforum in the Testing123 group, but that was added via the admin.

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