Multisite installation WP 3.5 beta 3

I am able to setup multisites with WP 3.4.2 without any problems. In fact I have done so, many times, using subdirectories. So the WP installation is in a directory and not on the root.

Following all the steps and the same intructions, I cannot make a working multisite installation with WP 3.5 beta 3. I get to the point where all is setup, I can create sites, but when trying to view them or get to their dashboard with my superadmin credentials, I get permission errors. I am really baffled. I also realized that during the setup WP 3.5 does not make me to create the blogs.dir folder. Even if I create it anyways, it does not work. Ant help will be greatly appreciated, than you in advance.

- Nick

  • nick_deravedissian

    Thanks guys. The only reason I tried the beta 3 is because the official version is almost here (Dec 5, which in 2 days), and I needed to test which plugins and themes will stop functioning. This is my biggest problem with WP - backwards compatibility.

    As far as permissions go, I tried locally with AMPPS, Usbwebserver, and made sure the entire installation had read write permissions. I also tried on a Godaddy shared hosting account, all with the same results. I will try again, in days, with the official final release of WP 3.5.

    Thank you for replying to my problem, I will resolve this sooner or later - I always do !

  • nick_deravedissian

    @ Roibot: You gave me the hint I needed and I solved my problem, thank you !!!

    So you said that once you configured things WordPress created the blogs.dir folder for you. Well, I noticed that it was not creating it for me. So even when I created this folder, things were not working. I could create the sites, but could not get to the site to see it, or even access the dashboard. At this point I had a feeling that this was probably the doing of the .htaccess file. So I deleted the .htaccess file created with WP 3.5 RC2 (just downloaded it), and created another one but copy pasted the content from a WP 3.4.2 installation. Changed line 2 to point to the correct main folder (subdirectory), and ... wait for it ... SUCCESS !!!

    I don't know why the WP 3.5 generated code for the .htaccess file was not working for me, but at this point, I don't really care. I did not do any testing yet though. Just created 2 sites, visited them, and access their dashboards. I will do a lot of tesing tomorrow, but I don't anticipate any more problems.

    Those with similar problems, if you read this, it will save you from first growing grey, and then bold !!!

    Thanks again !

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