MultiSite issue

I am trying to implement the multisite so I can put all my sites in one place. Here is the issue:

1. I’m implementing the multisite to an existing website (if this is the main problem with my issue, I have a brand new project that I need to start, then I will implement the multisite to this new project. Then I will move all my sites with snapshot plugin)

2. When I implement Multisite, I was supposed to see “Sites” on my menu bar on the left. But, it never came up.

3. I was kicked out from WPMU Dashboard. My site wasn’t listed on “My Websites” list. I had to re-login to the dashboard.

4. Finally, my site became very slow, and images are not showing my site anymore.

5. On my panel, I have htaccess and .htaccess. Is this normal? [image pos=”2″]

What do you thing might be the problem?