Multisite Marketpress Installation with global products but individual shopping carts possible?

I was advised to ask here first by the support. I tried for 2 days but was unable to achieve the following mit the Marketpress Plugin:

I want to implement a global product list for all shops, administrated centrally by one administrator. These products should then be all distributed to the Blogs in the multisite isntallation.

This can be done with the help of the [mp_list_global_products] shortcode. If I use that on all of the Blogs in my Multisite Install I get the same products all listed in every Subshop.

The Problem for me is, when I then click on a product the plugin takes me to the original shop of my global product list and I can order there.

What I would need is that I click on the product and I stay on the shop I saw the product on and can order it via the shopping cart of that individual shop.

So global products can be done, but not orderable via individual carts in the different shops.

I hope you understand what I am trying to do? Am I right that this cannot be done at the moment with Marketpress?

Thank you for your help, Steffen

  • Patrick

    Hi there @Steffen

    Welcome to the forums, glad to have you aboard!

    Clicking any product link in a global shortcode will indeed redirect to the site where the product was originally published.

    So, while what you want to accomplish is not a built-in feature of MarketPress, it can however be done in conjunction with our Multisite Content Copier plugin.

    All you would need to do is create and publish your products on your main site. Then using Multisite Content Copier, copy them to the subsites where you want them.

    Once they are copied to the subsites, simply use the normal shortcodes to output the product info on each subsite. That way, clicking a product link on a subsite will redirect to the corresponding product on the same subsite.

    If you anticipate needing to publish products to specific groups of subsites, for different product lines for example, you may to consider also using our New Blog Templates plugin.

    With New Blog Templates, you can not only create full-featured subsites in your network with a single click, you can also integrate it with Multisite Content Copier to copy your products only to sites created with a specified template.

    So you can create sites for each product line using a base template created with New Blog Templates. Then copy products from your main site to every subsite using that template. Finally, output the product info on each individual site using the normal shortcodes, which will keep the users onsite when they make their purchases.

  • Steffen

    Hi there,

    so what you are telling me is that i bought a plugin to get a solution and now I have to buy more of your products?

    Further, that solution you outline does not solve my problem. I am guessing "Multisite Content Copier" does what the name suggests, it COPIES the products to the subsites. What I would need is references to the original product so that when the original product specs change the subsites update automatically.

    With the solution you suggested I would have to delete all copies of product A on my subsites once I want to stop selling it globally, would I not?

    Also this might mislead editors of the subsites to start editing their product copies and I do not want that. The products in the subsite shops have to always be 100% synced to the main product.

    I have acheived this in the meantime with a combination of "woocommerce" and "threewp broadcast".

    So I would like to ask again for the advertised refund in your Terms of service. I am very frustrated that to test your product I first have to buy it only to find out that it does not suit my needs... The solution can't be to buy more or to invest even more time in trying to make it work!

    Please be fair and refund my money.

    Sincerely, Steffen

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