Multisite Marketpress, theme your login, network admin framemarket/gridmarket

Hi again,

I have been making progress, please see

For those unaware, I am making an etsy style site. Artisans will set up their own shop and I will charge a monthly fee.

A few questions:

1. On my network admin/themes I have both frame market(disabled) and gridmarket (enabled) is this correct or should frame market be enabled as well? This makes gridmarket the only option for the shops which is what I want, I think. I want the header and footer and sidebar I have to be visible on all site pages and then each artisan can make their own header (under mine) and list their products. I don’t want to offer them too many design options because I want to keep my branding throughout the whole site/network. Am I doing this correctly?

2. I have read and researched everywhere I can find and am having trouble with what I am sure is something simple that I am just not ‘getting’.

On my site I have the home page menu across the top under the header, for the Mission page it was simple to type in the content, for the discover page I was able to type in a short code to make a random product selection show up, but how do I connect the Marketplace to a page with a list of shops? and the sign in page to the wp log in page?

3.Are there any multi site ‘theme your login type plug ins for marketpress/multisite/buddypress? I found some but they say the have not been tested on my version of wp (I have the latest.)

Ok, I have more of course, but will take this all step by step. You guys are fantastic, I hope you hear that often enough, what I am trying to do would never be possible with out all of the time and work you all have put into development. It really is amazing, I am learning so much I thought I would never be able to.