Multisite - Membership Pro to establish free membership, Pro Sites to manage other features

Multisite - Pro Sites vs. Membership Pro/Gravity Forms/New Blog - Custom Registration Form

This is a very basic multisite installation. A community of "shops". Shops are placed in specific categories. The general public/guests can view the categories, but cannot view individual shops, their items or engage owners. General public/guests can view public info pages only and are directed to register for a free membership. All new free memberships will receive a free trial of a pro level at launch. Pretty basic.

1. We used Pro Shops to setup our 3 pro shop levels.
2. Shop levels are based primarily on the # of products posted each month. This. Is a 'must have' . As you know, this is a Pro Sites feature only.
3. Other features: PrIvate Messaging, Avatars, Friends, Communities, etc. Features typically attributed to a M2P based installation.

Now to the questions:
Thank you for the new Membership 2/Gravity Forms + User Registration integration. I love it and it is exactly what we've needed.

We think using M2P & Pro Sites together is our best solution, but do not want to over complicate the installation.

I would like to use GF as the registration page for the creation of a new blog. We need to use Pro control the # of products posted each month. I know using GF as a registration form/page is possible for M2P, I don't believe this is an option for Pro Sites "out of the box".

Please tell me if the following is a workable, stable option or a potential train wreck.

- use Membership 2 + New Blog + Gravity Forms/User Registration to create free basic membership/shop
- users sign up for free membership, can view/not view items as explained abgove
- upgrade using the 3 established Pro Sites packages in order to build out a shop and interact with community.
- Packages, pro features, and overall account status/details would be controlled using Pro Sites
- Membership details automatically established at the creation of the free account will be managed network wide using the M2P login.

That is it.