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Hi Support Friend!

This topic is regarding the website.

We are trying to build a membership website, which will be in a similar business model to Elegant Themes and Tutsplus network combined.

----- The Business Model -----

Let me explain the business model(similar to the one WPMU dev uses by the way):

Users pay a annual fee and get access to all products. At this point we have this one product, ProMockup, that sells digital photoshop mockups for creatives. But soon we are going to start selling premium tutorials, website templates and support for example.

Each of this future products already have a brand, different from WPMU dev, where all products are WPMU Dev branded.

Website has not been fully launched yet. Why? Because we want it to be expansible to this other services. We plan to do that by having a multisite install with the products as subdomain websites, or using a normal wordpress install and having each product as pages in the site.

Question is whether to use Wordpress Multisite, or not!

What we need is users to have access to all products with one single membership login.

-----My questions-----

---Multisite Install:

- I really don't know the advantages and the disadvantages of using Multisites in this case when it comes to membership, affiliate and other plugins.

- Will members be able to pay for one site and get access to all subsites?

- How does subdomain sites handle SEO? Can the best SEO plugins handle multisite installations?

- How will content protection be handled by your plugin? I saw some limitations in the documentation, but how far this limitations extend?

---Normal Wordpress Install:

- Also an SEO issue. How does search engines index a huge amount of different types of services.

- We might have several different products with a lot of category divisions into each product. Could this get crazy when it comes to organization with 5000 users for example.

- Is there a way to synchronize membership plugin users, subscription dates and information to other websites?

OK, lets go with this for now, thanks upfront!

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    Hello again :slight_smile:

    Glad to see you are moving forward with your project.

    If you will be charging membership fees then you will most certainly need to look into using the Membership Plugin with the Network Tables Enabled. You can read page 61 of the Usage Manual for the Membership Plugin to get more specifics on what those are and our suggestions for using them. They are an advanced feature that we do no suggest using lightly.

    here is an excerpt:
    Out of the box, no - it will be set up as individual membership sites.
    The following is for ADVANCED users who can support their installation once they make
    these changes. There is no documentation on how this will affect your site, please do not
    proceed with this unless you are sure you can service your issues.
    You can set the plugin to use "global tables" which will enforce it to use a common single
    set of tables for the entire network, then when you network activate it will run across the
    whole network as a single membership system and be managed via the network admin
    The define you need to set is in membershipincludes/functions/membershipconfig.php
    (along with a few others you can tweak) - you can also set them in your wp-config.php file
    to ensure they stay across updates:

    Most SEO plugins are fine on multisites, you would need to check the compatibility to be sure, but ours works great with Multisite.

    The SEO plguin also works on Single sites and creates your sitemaps for you.
    I would suggest taking a look at the documentation and letting Google fill in as a helper to research the finer points of SEO.

    With the Membership plugin you can either network enable or not. you cannot sync settings from multiple single installs for your users.

    Please let me know if there is anything I missed, happy reading :slight_smile:



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