multisite moderation plugin

While troubleshooting another issue, unrelated to WPMU Moderation plugin, I noticed an error coming up:

Notice: get_currentuserinfo is deprecated since version 4.5.0! Use wp_get_current_user() instead.

I found it was related to the Moderation plugin. Probably an oversight, but I went through and changed the three references from “get_currentuserinfo” to “wp_get_current_user” on my local copy. After uploading back to server, and testing, all seems to work OK.

Just sharing info in case others have seen the error when in debug mode…and so the plugin can be updated. The error does not state it’s in the moderation.php file in the debug message. Although the error does disappear when Moderation plugin is disabled, and after the update.

Code is at the following lines:

Line 242: 	get_currentuserinfo();
Line 451: get_currentuserinfo();
Line 2495: get_currentuserinfo();