Multisite not creating new blog/sites after move to new server.

hello anyone who can help,

This may not be the place for it but am hopeful and have also posted the same over at WordPress forums

I have a WordPress Multisite that I had perfectly functioning on one server but needed to move it to a new server on its own to insure site had room to grow. Now whenever I try to create a new blog/site nothing happens unless I use a mapped domain.

Here is background:

Site url

Multisite using sub-domains and yes wildcard is setup correctly as it was all working perfectly before and previous blogs created still work with sub domains.

When you go though process of creating a new account it looks like it is going to create a new site such as “” but the emails only return a validation for “” without the subdomain as they did before and if you validate all that happens is a new user is created who has no access to anything and no new blog is created.

I have gone though disabling all plugins and tried registering but it still won’t create a new blog. It is like for some reason the data is not getting passed to the database.

One thing that has changed is the new server is running the latest in mysql MariaDB 10.0

Any ideas on this would be great thanks.

John Overall