Multisite on Bluehost (Subdomain Setup)

Are there plugins that can help me while using Bluehost which may or may not support the following when developing a WPMultisite Network:

(1) Dynamic DNS;

(2) Dynamic database; and

(3) User creation.?

I'm asking this because I am having issues with Multisite on Bluehost. Yes, I already did a wildcard subdomain. Did it lastnight and it is still not working right.

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello Kendall,

    I hope you're well today and thank you for your question!

    I think there's no need to use Dynamic DNS services with any regular BlueHost hosting and I'm not sure what do you mean by "dynamic database". However, as you already mentioned that you installed Multisite and configured wild-card domain and you are experiencing issues, could you please shed some more light on what these issues are?

    I'd like to get a better image on what is/is not working and what are the issues in question and I believe I would then be able to provide you with assistance to make it work.

    Kind regards,

  • Kendall Cuellar

    Wordpress was not accessible on the subdomain. I also tested it by visiting to test if the wildcard was working properly. If it was working properly, visiting that site would have returned me to the primary domain. That did not happen. I had the default Bluehost placeholder page. The mojo coming soon image wasn't even showing, though I had activated the template for the entire network in the network admin settings. For some reason, nobody at Bluehost really wants to touch on the subject and they "don't offer support" on multisite. I'm working on an alternative method for short-term goal of getting on the web, way more work than I should have to do if it were all just working right. So, I'm considering looking into a VPS.

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello Kendall,

    Thank you for your response!

    You're right, accessing any sub-domain should return either the sub-site of your Multisite or the main site (or signup page) if a given sub-site doesn't exist.

    The behavior that you described (the default Bluehost placeholder page) means that the wild-card is misconfigured. If I'm not mistaken you add the wild-card on BlueHost by creating a "*" sub-domain, is that how you did that?

    If so, please edit it and make sure that the "document root" (aka "root folder") for that "*" sub-domain is set to be exactly the same as the "document root" for the main site (the top level domain). That should fix the issue.

    Give it a try please and let me know if it worked for you :slight_smile:

    Best regards,

  • Kendall Cuellar

    Can you please make it stupid simple for me, because I am confused: I set the wildcard subdomain to have a folder within the public_html file of my primary domain. It is still not working. I have read else where that I should manually install (no issue) wordpress; however, if I am building a network, where exactly to install wordpress seems unclear; some sources have said to install it in my "home" directory. Please advise.

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello Kendall!

    It's not that the wildcard subdomain should "have a folder within the public_html" folder, it should be set to use exactly the same folder as the top domain is using.

    Let's say that you got a "" and you want to set "*" wildcard sub-domain to be used with your Multisite.

    The first step would be to go to "" configuration in cPanel and check what is the setting of "root folder" ("document root") for it. Let's then assume it's


    Then the "*" should have it set to the "/public_html" as well. But not the "/public_html/something".

    Another example:

    - the top level domain "" has root folder set to "/public_html/"
    - the "*" should have it set exactly the same instead of e.g. "/public_html/"

    The simplest way to achieve this:

    1. go to the "" settings where you edit "root folder" and just copy that "root folder" path
    2. go to the "*" settings where you edit "root folder" for it and paste the path that you copied there

    I hope that makes more sense now :slight_smile:

    As for installation of WordPress. It's better to install it manually but it's not the "requirement". In case of Multisite that's going to use sub-domains (so the subsites will be like "", "siteB.domain.coim" etc) the requirement is to install WordPress in a.... root folder of the main (usually top level) domain that you are going to use.

    So, for the "" make sure that your WordPress is installed in a "root folder" of "".

    Best regards,

  • Patrick Hays

    Hi Kendall,
    If you use the Wordpress installer (Mojo Marketplace) to install multisite you will need to edit your config.php file. The code written by the installer will only allow sub-directories and not sub-domains. I saw this before. A less confusing way is to install wordpress and use the info supplied by wpmudev here. You will of course have to edit config.php and Replace mod_rewrite rules with new rules in the .htaccess file, however in a straight forward way.

    As Adam said too, make sure to have your sub-domain wild card and A record wild card configured correctly.

    Hope this helps

  • Christian

    For what it's worth, I have rebuilt multisite running prosites on bluehost 7 times over the past week. It was running perfectly on Liquid Web, and we did a clean migration and ever since it's been an absolute disaster. Problems I've never experienced in 18 years of WP work have been coming in so rapid fire I can't even catch my breath. We dramatically increased resources on Bluehost and have one of their "best" hosting plans they offer. Makes no difference whatsoever. Every call to support ends up with me having to explain what multisite is and educating each and every one of their staff how to do their job. Not all hosting companies are created equal. I made this rookie mistake of believing that by paying for "better" hosting, I would have what I needed. It's not true. Companies like Bluehost and all the other "cheap" hosts out there are at their core, cheap. Even though you can have dedicated resources by paying for them, they're absolutely unable to support those resources. If you want to run a more sophisticated site, host with a company whose core offering is NOT shared, basic, cheap hosting. I can testify that LiquidWeb is one of those companies. I'm sure there are plenty of others, but you simply won't get the resources you need from a company who doesn't have even basic comprehension of what they're hosting.

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